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Math Addict requires Windows 95 or above as well as Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.  If your computer does not meet these requirements Math Addict will not function properly.  Math Addict also requires the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtimes and Microsoft Data Access Control to provide database functionality.  In order to keep the download file as small as possible these components are not part of the main installation package, however, they may all be freely downloaded from Microsoft.

If you receive any of the following errors you will need additional support files in order for Math Addict to run.

Microsoft Visual Basic Runtimes
If you receive any VB DLL errors such as:
" msvb60.dll missing"
download the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtimes from:

Microsoft Data Access Components 
If you receive any ADODC errors you must download the Microsoft MDAC from:

Microsoft Windows Common Controls
If you receive the following or similar error:
"Run Time Error 339, Component MSCOMCT.OCX"
download the Microsoft Common Controls from:


Q. How do I make sure if I get a new computer I can still use the software?
A. All end-users should print out, and retain, a copy of their purchase confirmation email - this has your registration purchase details on it that that you may use to quote to Softwrap if you have any problem in the future reinstalling.

Q. How do I re-install Math Addict?
A. Softwrap automatically allows one reinstallation of the software that you  have purchased. the end-user needs to contact Softwrap by email or through their 24/7 toll-free helpdesk. <Softwrap Website>

Q. Can I pay by phone, I don't want to give my Credit Card over the internet?
A. Yes, simply select the telephone option from the Softwrap purchasing screen then dial the toll free number listed for your country.


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