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  Overview of Math Addict 6.2

Math Addict is educational math flashcard software created to improve people of all ages math skills.  It is designed to improve speed and accuracy in the areas of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

We have found that the best way to improve children's ability in the area of math is give them a solid foundation of the basics.  Children who are not able to quickly compute figures in their head, often struggle with  higher levels of math. 

Math Addict provides a place where students can easily drill themselves in basic arithmetic skills.  Because each student is different, a great amount of flexibility has been built into the software to see some of the features included in Math Addict click here.

In the new version of Math Addict we have made it much easier to administer a large group of students and allow a high degree of customization for each unique individual.  Password protection is now available and features such as disabling the High Score table have been created in order to give the teacher absolute control over the user experience.

You can download a free thirty day trial of the program right now.  If you like it, you may purchase the software anytime, quickly and easily over the Internet or by phone! 

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