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Sign In Screen

Allows user to choose their name for list and have all settings preset for each individual user.  Also allows access to other administrative tasks


Student Administration

Allows supervisor to add new students, delete students, as well as set passwords and a variety of other options.  A password can be used to protect the administrative functions as well as the individuals users, or it may be left blank.


Student Records

View all of the drill that each student has completed.  Including statistics such as the number of problems correct and the Average Time Per Problem.


Drill Interface

This is the main drill screen.  Problems are displayed and entries are keyed in through the keyboard.  A progress bar show you how much time you have left in your drill.  Stats on the current drill are kept on screen for you to see your progress but may be hidden if desired.


Drill Settings

Change drill settings including factors, the number of problems or length of time that the drill will last, the type of problem, and advancement settings.  Use the unique Auto Advance feature in order to simplify use.


High Scores

View High Scores table for all time as well at the current day.  This feature can be disabled by the administrator/supervisor.


Math Addict Printable Drill Report

After each drill is run a report may be viewed on screen or printed out.  It includes all the problems in the drill and which problems where missed.  Great for review!  Correct answers may be printed to study.