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  Download Math Addict

Math Addict is a shareware program.  You may use the program free of charge for up to 30 days.  Then you must either stop using it or pay the registration fee of $19.99.  The program is free to download and may be distributed, unchanged, to others free of charge.

download math addict

Math Addict is 1.61MB.  Approximately a five minute download.

Downloading Tips:

If you receive any of the following errors you will need additional support files in order for Math Addict to run.  They are all free downloads from Microsoft.

Microsoft Visual Basic Runtimes
If you receive any VB DLL errors such as:
" msvb60.dll missing"
download the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtimes from:

Microsoft Data Access Components 
If you receive any ADODC errors you must download the Microsoft MDAC from:

Microsoft Windows Common Controls
If you receive the following or similar error:
"Run Time Error 339, Component MSCOMCT.OCX"
download the Microsoft Common Controls from: